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About Failure
My real name is B. Mitchell. I work for Capital One Auto Finance, I've been working for them since Jan212007. I like mugen more than most 2d fighting games out there, because the creators are all normal people, and sometimes we make things that are way better than the originals.
Usage Guidelines
All material listed under the "mugen" category are exclusive material that shall remain on this site, unless I give permission! If the said materials are hosted anywhere else on the internet without proper authorization from me, then mugen failure will be NO MORE! There will be no more characters, stages, add-ons, or anything produced for release to the general public if this cannot be followed. The material that has "status: private" "status: unrelease-able" "status: unrequestable" have those types of statuses for a reason! As of right now the said material with those types of statuses can't see the light of day on anyone else's hard-drive, until proper authorization has been given to me. So save both of us some time by not asking for them, they are only displayed to let you know that I have intentions on releasing them when I do get that authorization I spoke of. When beta test versions are released they will be password protected, there is only one way you can obtain the beta's password. And that way, is through me. Don't be afraid to ask me... These guidelines are EASY to follow, don't ruin it for everyone else...