I've been down for the count for awhile but not by choice. I have been hospitalized since I went in for surgery, I feel as if I'm in jail. I don't really get to do anything that interests me as I'm usually doped up on medication. The thing is I had internal beleeding in my small intestine, they said it was an ulcer of some type. So they removed it, yet I still have bleeding and severe pain to my lower abdomen, loss of appetite, and energy. What frustrates me the most is they can't pinpoint whats wrong. As for the forum, it is at a loss... I will not be able to rebuild it, as I am stuck in this prison and rarely get my girl to bring me the laptop cuz of visitor hours... thanks for all the support and much love to the community!
Site has been updated. This is only phase one of some of the changes and work I've been doing behind the scenes. Expect alot of this to be happening in the next couple of weeks. So enjoy the new layout and if anyone notices any errors or problems with the interface please contact me asap at
I'm gone for 2 days and I already have JACKASSES (that came from FORODZ) flame my cbox... Well if they werent such fuckin leechers, they would know that ZXAkuma was used WITH PERMISSION as a template. They must not understand fuckin english as they keep typing shit in spanish. Now I have nothing against the hispanic community (as my girlfriend is latina) but these motherfuckers need to actually research my character before they come on here leaving imprints of their IP addresses all over my site. Until further notice the cbox will be disabled. Sorry for the inconveinence and the excessive amounts of cussing (but this is pissing me off), due to fuckin jackass illiterate bitches who don't know how to research shit!
Ok.. I've been workin on a forum, so you guys can hangout there instead of that little-tiny cbox. Go here MUGEN || FAILURE || FORUM and sign up and enjoy, changes will occur overtime... as of right now.. its pretty default.
The warehousing issue that took place on forodz has been taken care of, looks like i'm not too favored there since I made my presense known. Hopefully the warehousing issues won't pop up again. To prevent that I guess I'm gonna have to do a little something, cuz someone on the forodz forums said that they sent me a email request and I never responded. So what I decided to do is stop the requesting altogether... check the character section, if you wanna request. So yeah, as for the Shin Lvl2 Akuma progress.. it slowed down, as I am trying to build my Chameleon back to where he was before my stuff was stolen. Scorpion will have to wait his turn in line followed by Lvl2 Ryu. Claude may get a total make-over, prolly in a snk-style... looks more realistic compared to the mvc/cvs styles.