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Final Fantasy (Work In Progress)
Headed by:
Brendon Mitchell of NSMedia
Started in: Dec. 19th, 2006
Finished in: N/A

This Project is a 2D Fighting Game, written in C with the Allegro library. As of right now the Project is still a work-in-progress, with only a few subjects done. The game has the ability to pick up on plug and play controllers, along with Console Adapter plugs (PS2, XBOX, N64, SNES).

As of right now there have been a few characters made except the problem persists... of which version of the characters will see the light of day on the final product. There are multiple versions of the main 2 characters of the FF7:2DF Project, but its hard to decide which version to implement.

CLOUD STRIFE (Version2.0)
Current # of Sprites: 813 | Current Animations: 182 | Palette Types: CustomAdventChildren & FinalFantasyVII


CLOUD STRIFE (Version1.0)
Current # of Sprites: 363 | Current Animations: 102 | Palette Types: KingdomHearts


SAFER SEPHIROTH (Co-Exists with Version2.0)
Current # of Sprites: 629 | Current Animations: 174 | Palette Types: CustomFinalFantasyVII


Current # of Sprites: 763 | Current Animations: 194 | Palette Types: CustomAdventChildren & FinalFantasyVII


Current # of Sprites: 1139 | Current Animations: 341 | Palette Types: CustomAdventChildren & CustomFinalFantasyVII


Current # of Sprites: 387 | Current Animations: 186 | Palette Types: FinalFantasyVII


All the stages contain movement, and effects, along with music to fit the stage. The stages are also much larger, wider, and higher than they appear.

These are screenshots taken from the actual gameplay.


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