Completed Layout Ver3.0

Jan 16, 2007 by Mitchell

Granted I know I said the new site would be in flash, I just don't think its ready to be re-released just yet. Yeah, I said re-released, as in I previously released it before. Followers of the NoSolutionMedia Site would recognize it as NSFlashVersion2.0. It was a fully customizable, friendly user site. You can upload your own backgrounds, send in user pics to the server along with brief info. Currently I've been working on 2 different flash types for the site and I just don't think any of them are suitable for release yet. There is the previous NSFlashVersion2.0 (the customizable version) and then there is a completely new different version (the one that gives me the most problems). Now these aren't your ordinary mediocre flash sites.

Fully customizable, friendly user site. Upload your own backgrounds, send user pics to the server along with brief info. Now these aren't your ordinary mediocre flash sites.

On the next update I plan to have limited working versions of the sites available for preview.


Problems in Coding

Jan 11, 2007 by Mitchell

I'm currently having some slight problems in the coding of this flash site I'm working on. I can't get it to run these scripts.

  • Manipulative User Interface (MIU)
  • Multi-file Up loader
  • InvisionFree Within

So I just might have to hold off on those scripts or drop them from the flash. It's been too long for this site to be down and replaced by a weak TEMP site.



Nov 12, 2006 by Mitchell

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the NSMedia site needs change due to faulty and glitchy script-errors. In placement of the NSMedia Site will be a TEMPSite until further notice.

Simple Design; C-Box for Comments; Very little Coding; Limited Links; Grayscale Colors;

Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.


Coding Errors

Nov 10, 2006 by Mitchell

Current visitors may have noticed some loading errors occur, also sometimes there are script errors. This problem will be fixed in due time. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Death to Acoustic

Oct 30, 2006 by Mitchell

Me, John, and Ken are going to a Halloween Party! Gonna be great, plan on getting smashed! And it looks like Ken wanted to take that PHYSICALLY! Ken and John were talkin about how long John had his acoustic and Ken said that he should get a new one because the one he had wasn't in great shape. John was skeptical about it and then Ken suggested for John to break it over his head to persuade him to get a new guitar. John of course accepted. With 2 swift cracks over Ken's head the guitar was utterly destroyed. Ken then states "I didn't feel a thing." The next day John felt bad, because he could no longer play his guitar, but he says he enjoyed smashing it over Ken's hard-head.


------end of news------