Current Plans

as of Jan 16, 2007 by Mitchell

There is only one and will always be only one. To create music that people can relate to on a personal and emotional level.


Future Plans

as of Jan 16, 2007 by Mitchell
  • Release New Music
  • Release New Lyrics
  • Connect people to the music and lyrics

This is the goal, to have people connect to the music/lyrics and relate to them.


Important Info

by NSMedia Staff

The reason Nameless/Untitled was created was because there wasn't anyplace for the stuff that was created for it in No Solution or Fad3d. It is the beginning to something new, something unseen before. It will give people something to think about, something to relate to. There isn't really an expected time for anything to come from this, it will just happen when it happens. Visit the forum to start something of your own.

Thank You,

The NSMedia Staff