Current Plans

as of Jan 16, 2007 by Mitchell
  • Launch of the new site
  • Improve Picture area
  • Improve Music area, it needs it!
  • Integrate a User area

Also would love to get the forum populated, seeing as how it was just created on a new host.


Future Plans

as of Jan 16, 2007 by Mitchell
  • Get the limited flash sites up available to view
  • Fix Coding errors
  • Fix the flash sites altogether

There are many more plans, but those will come WAY later.


Important Info

by NSMedia Staff

There come times when things change, for better and for worse. No Solution Media is changing hopefully for the better, but first it must go through the worse stages and we are not really sure will that time will come. It may have already came and gone or it is about to happen, no matter when it does happen NSMedia will always try to be here and stand for what we do. Its hard to pinpoint exactly what it is we do, because we like to do so much. We distribute whatever we come up with, whatever it may be. Even though we don't fully distribute things created by us both, we still give you the pleasure of having what we create as individuals. You also have a place here at NSMedia where you can give what you create to everyone. Visit the forum and share your gifts.

Thank You,

The NSMedia Staff