Writing Lyrics

Nov 27, 2006 by Mitchell

I keep writing new songs and not even stopping to make the music for them, but I know all will fall into place and the music will turn up. Patience is a virtue and that's all I have to have.


Musical Ideas

Nov 26, 2006 by Mitchell

After being in complete HELL for 2 weeks and facing my demons. After thinking about my life and everything that occured in it, after thinking about everything I loved and lost. Ideas came to me in that HELL. I wrote everything that I thought of down and I read it everyday for those 2 weeks. The songs that came from my head when I was in that place, that HELL, was nothing but truth and pure feeling. I inclined and reached a better level of my own being. I knew what it was like to laugh at the demon's face. I had a turning point.


New Idea

Oct 31, 2006 by Mitchell

After the Halloween party I began to think, "What exactly am I, Brendon, going to do?" I wanna make something great and actually have people feel great when they hear it. I want them to come to my level, I want them to hear what I hear, to feel what I feel. And I decided that I'm going to do that. With or without any help from John, or anybody for that matter.


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