About NoSolutionMedia

Definition as of 01162007

No Solution was an idea created by Brendon Mitchell and John Fleming in mid 2004. The concept first arose simply as a band name. It gained the extra members it needed to function as a band. Long term friend, Jeff Kroll, was to be the bassist. Due to constant failure to maintain practice schedules and after many other trials and tribulations, No Solution fell through in early 2005. The idea then grew into a much bigger concept. Brendon and John were still wanting to do the music that they had been making over the past years, so they decided to keep No Solution as a music frontier. They constantly played and recorded their harmony, but did not distribute until they felt it was perfect. Which means, No Solution rarely released any of the songs they did together, but separately Brendon and John had songs released on the internet. Brendon who also decided to start a side project known as Faded, frequently released his music on Sony's ACIDplanet. The only time they ever record anything as No Solution they never see it fit to release to the masses. Brendon and John then had a fall-out in March 2005, due to personal problems between them and the relationship of the group they hung around. New music and recordings came to a halt. Nothing was being produced. About a month later, everything between the two was fine, but the group they hung around wasn't their group anymore. Then later on Brendon had gotten his studio apartment. They had parties and drank and played music outta the blue. They each played randomness, stuff straight from the center of their souls and when the music collided in air is was so harmonious and beautiful that the two then felt inspired and built on top of each others playing building this masterpiece, this perfect sound that would make an angel jealous. Everything they played felt like it was in perfect sync and the harmony just made you feel like this energy was flowing through your body and you couldn't help but feel this intensity that the two were making.

I felt like he knew what I was playing, we just had that connection in our music, and it came out great for being off the top of our head...

-John Fleming-March2006

After that they made more music and as time goes by they become less inspired, still recording, but recording less and less. At the end of October 2006, the guys had a party and John ended up smashing his guitar over Kenneth Gee's head. And that was the end of John's guitar playing for now. Mid November, tragedy strikes and Brendon isn't seen for 2 weeks. Then comes more bad news, Brendon has to move to Texas, for a family emergency. And that is where the guitar playing duo known as No Solution ended permanently until further notice, yet No Solution Media still lives.

I wanted him to do it, I couldn't feel anything. It was funny as Hell too!

-Kenneth Gee-October2006


Until the two reunite this will be the end of the bio.